Latest News: 7/1/2017

Two CPPS Board Members sworn into Portland Public Schools Board

Scott Bailey, founding member of CPPS and our most recent President, and CPPS ex-President Rita Moore, both were elected to the Portland Public Schools Board in May, and were officially sworn in today during a warm, enthusiastic ceremony at Benson High.  They join former CPPS Board member Paul Anthony as directors, giving our local chapter 3 out of the 7 positions on the School Board. 

Not bad for a community and parent-led outfit like CPPS!  Both Scott and Rita bring a wealth of experience and skill to the positions at at time when Portland Public Schools is undergoing major reorganization and public education is being challenged by our national Department of Education. 

Scott and Rita are in a position to help select the next Superintendent, help Portland Public Schools implement construction bonds, and create a strong educational vision for a district that has had a series of difficulties in coordination.

Congratulations to Scott and Rita -- great volunteer public servants in a time of great need. 

Now we need to replace them on the CPPS Board.

CPPS in 2017-18 continues our focus on three main areas:

  1. District-wide Boundary Review -- still being planned for Eastside schools, along with shifts  from K-8 to middle schools.

  2. Bond series - 2nd bond passed, 1st is still being completed, both needing parent and community input.

  3. Visioning -- The not-yet-selected Superintendent needs a district with a community-developed educational vision.

About Community & Parents for Public Schools (CPPS)

CPPS is the Portland chapter of Parents for Public Schools, part of a nationwide network of grassroots organizations focused on increasing parent, family and community involvement in public education. Launched in January of 1999, our chapter is part of the only national organization that actively recruits parents to public schools and advocates for parents taking a role in decision-making, school improvement, and accountability. 

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Our Mission

CPPS is committed to building a sustainable network of diverse parent, family, and community voices to ensure a high-quality education for all children in Portland Public Schools.

We believe excellent schools require the participation of the whole community – schools simply cannot do it without us. Community members and parents need to step up and take responsibility for owning our schools and ensuring that all of our students have every opportunity to succeed. CPPS works to mobilize parents and community members who reflect our diverse culture, to bring about systemic change in our school district.