CPPS is committed to building a sustainable network of diverse parent, family, and community voices to ensure a high-quality education for all children in Portland Public Schools.


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We believe excellent schools require the participation of the whole community – schools simply cannot do it without us.

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CPPS Partnering with SWNI Schools Committee

The Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc (SWNI) Schools Committee has run a Code Squad project to help families of color and low-income families make more effective use of the technology needed in education today.  They are looking for partners in that work, and CPPS is joining as a partner.  We bring the strength of national support and other West Coast chapters to enhance the program, and allow the Schools Committee to broaden its efforts.

Stay tuned for more developments over the summer.

The Grand-Grand Project Is Being Modified as Schools Reopen

Schools are re-opening in Portland, but there are significant numbers of families who are not ready for in-person instruction.  Also, some will choose to use hybrid learning – some in-person, some online.  Families of color are especially reluctant to go full-time.  This may change by fall, however, so we are re-evaluating the Grand-Grand project to meet the changing situation..

We are collaborating with Age+ and others to select a few grandparents teaching their grandkids, in order to determine the range of needs.  Stay tuned for more developments.

We will be holding an organizing meeting on Zoom soon.  If you are interested in joining that meeting, please email cpps@cppsportland.org and we will send you more information.

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